To prevent team members from serious injuries, the rescue team is needed. Many companies require training on Confined Space Rescue before working at their site.

There are 3 types of rescue techniques:

  1. Non-entry
  2. Entry by others
  3. Entry by Trained employees from the company


This type of rescue is conducted by other means such as rope or winch because it is conducted by without entry into the confined space.

Entry by others:

Those companies which did not have trained personnel for the emergency rescue or rescue team, they will depend on other rescue team such as Fire Department (BOMBA).

But it requires Fire Department (BOMBA) to be familiar with the types of confined space located in the facility. Apart from that, they should know the hazards, they may encounter. The company must have informed them the means of entry into the confined space.

Entry by Trained employees from the company:

In a situation when some companies have trained personnel to conduct rescue within the company. Then all the team members must be trained enough to enter confined space to conduct the rescue. In one unit of rescue team, there must be one person specialized in first aid and CPR. The company must make sure that all rescue team members have expertise regarding the techniques and equipment for specific confined space.

Confined Space Rescue team must be trained and well verse on types of confined space in the industries. All team member shall have the knowledge on the use of confined space rescue equipment.