Professional Diver Tank Cleaning Service

We offer professional diver tank cleaning service for commercial water tanks.

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We offer professional diver tank cleaning service for commercial water tanks.

We offer water tank cleaning and inspection with remote under water cameras that allow us to give you the most information for the lowest cost possible.

Our remote cameras allow us to fully clean and inspect the tank with no water disruption.

An efficient tank cleaning process is essential in minimizing downtime, therefore, reducing costs. Having 10 years of experience and an arsenal of advanced equipments, Myda Risk & Safety Sdn Bhd has garnered nationwide reputation for our efficiency in cleaning tanks.

We approach water tank cleaning and industrial safety with a client-centered approach. That means, we don't just clean tanks. We are here to sit down, assess your needs and advise the best solution to meet industry standards while saving costs.

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Myda provides the most efficient process for removing sediment from your water tank.

Your tank remains on-line and in-service during the entire cleaning process, without any adverse effects to water quality. This allows you to continually provide water to your client during routine maintenance as well as maintain necessary fire protection storage capacity.

Sediment levels will be reviewed by dive team and utility personnel. All sediment of quoted amount will be removed from the floor. Sediment and water will be suctioned and pumped out of the tank. Trash pump will discharge water and sediment onto the ground, drain or sediment bag.

Why Choose Myda Risk & Safety Sdn Bhd?

Tailored Solutions

Not every business is the same, and some may require different needs than others. Instead of just providing what you asked for, we also recommend insider solutions to help you save costs and time.

Reduce Downtime

We understand that with every second that goes by during downtime, money slips through the fingers. With manual labor and robotic technology, we are at the forefront of tank cleaning efficiency.

Reduce Operational Costs

Choosing Myda Risk & Safety means you can outsource safety and health problems in your operations to us. You don't need to train your own tank cleaning team.

Keep Your Assets and Workers Safe

Certified with OSH excellence, you can count on us to keep your workplaces safe and ensure compliance with regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Diver Tank Cleaning involves the expertise of certified divers who employ advanced techniques to meticulously clean tanks. Our divers ensure a thorough cleaning process while prioritizing safety and precision.

Regular tank cleaning is crucial to maintain the integrity of equipment and ensure optimal functionality. Professional divers are trained to handle various tank types, guaranteeing effective cleaning and reducing the risk of contamination.

Our skilled divers are proficient in cleaning a wide range of tanks, including industrial tanks, water storage tanks, fuel tanks, and more. We tailor our cleaning methods to suit the specific requirements of each tank.

The frequency of professional tank cleaning depends on factors such as the type of tank, its contents, and usage. We recommend regular inspections and cleaning as part of a preventive maintenance schedule to ensure optimal performance.

Safety is our top priority. Our divers strictly adhere to industry safety standards and wear appropriate protective gear. We conduct thorough risk assessments before each cleaning operation and employ the latest safety protocols.

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