• To clean water tanks or resevoir without distrupting water supply to consumer.
  • To reduce labour cost and working labour hour during water tank cleaning process.
  • To reduce water wastage. Traditional cleaning requires water tanks to be emptied before man can enter and clean manually.
  • To reduce maintenance of water tanks from the possiblity of cracks and leaks from the traditional manual cleaning.
  • The ROV can be use for site inspection job and pre-maintenance job.


Robotic Cleaning is very important to maintain the cleaning of water tanks and make sure there is no disturbance in water supply providing to the consumer.  Robotic Cleaning also helps in reducing labor cost and working hours of labor during the entire process of cleaning. Robotic Cleaning is beneficial in order to minimize wastage of water. Initially, water tanks need to be emptied for cleaning before some person enter and wash it manually in order to prevent it from any cracks and leaks.

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